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Let me demonstrate the power of Ideation Sessions for your company by providing you with a free "mini-session" where I'll help you find a solution for any professional or personal problem you are currently facing.

"That was an absolutely incredible experience. Reading your book forced me several times to do some self-reflection, but because I was either working or in school I had a difficult time doing the exercises. This led me to continue to be skeptical about how well the exercises actually worked. After today I can say without a doubt that everything you teach and talk about is completely authentic and revolutionary. What I discovered today led me to completely change the way I think about success and my approach to life moving forward. I am no longer going to live someone else's life and constantly be on the search for approval from others. While the idea I discovered today might seem simple, my left-brain thinking never allowed me to push all the other junk aside to discover this idea that I kept hidden deep inside. I am extremely thankful that you took time today to meet with me. I can say for a fact that what I discovered during our short meeting will allow me to live a more promising and fulfilling life. I can say that I am no longer skeptical and am completely blown away at how this process works.  If others can experience what I did today, amazing things can be accomplished. Sorry I struggled to contain my excitement, this simple idea is just so game changing to me. I look forward to meeting with you in the future to share some of my experiences as I start my journey towards my new (original) self. "

- Connor Juelfs, Capital Innovators

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